My first Reiki Session with Susie really helped with my L4 and L5 took away the pain. I had had 2 epidurals and they did not release the pain like my first Session with Susie. The second Session really helped with the neck and stomach area. I will certainly come again.

Vicki Petley

Had a wonderful session with Susie yesterday. I asked her to clear some toxic relationship "stuff" for me. Naturally, I was skeptical, but figured I'd give it a try. After the session I felt exhausted and dizzy. I went home and rested for the remainder of the day and had the BEST night's sleep EVER. Today, I feel less "heavy" and more vibrant. My advise is this - put your skepticism aside and give it a try! Thanks Susie!!


I recently received a Reiki Healing session with Susie. Scheduling was very easy. I was very comfortable the moment I arrived. Her studio was quiet and serene. She explained what she would be doing and I felt very relaxed. I look for to returning for another session.

Gary from CA

Wonderful experience!..Susie was so warm and welcoming. I felt lifted and changed from my very first session. 

Thank you Susie!

Susie is wonderful my treatment with her left me feeling calm and centered. I had a smile on my face when I left and truly felt lifted.

I had an amazing experience. It was very calming and relaxing.

Suzie is very good. I fell asleep during the session. I was very relaxed when I left.

I had a Reiki Session with Reiki Master Susie Jenkins a week ago. Although I was familiar with the healing energy of Reiki in the past, it had been many years and I wasn't sure what one session would do for me. I was amazed at the calming, warm, loving energy that I felt coming from her hands almost immediately after she began. I remember commenting to her that I felt tears forming in my eyes. The feeling was of my heart being touched with Love and a melting into relaxation as I have been missing and in need of for a long time. As her session continued, I became more and more relaxed and went into a deep place of peace where stress did not exist. The sounds of the ocean magnified the feeling of being home. I suffer from fibromyalgia and when I left her, I was feeling relieved of pain, unsteady like floating. It made me aware how much stress played in my health. It has been a week now and I am still feeling the effects of just the one session. I am finding myself calm, even in stressful moments. I definitely can not leave out that my meditation went deeper during that session. I will be going back


Coming to Susie feels extremely comfortable. I have been feeling very tense but as soon as I enter her presence their is calmness. I came worried and deeply depressed. I am leaving feeling lighter and with hope. Thank you.


Hello Susie 

I wanted to report that I feel pretty fantastic! It’s really amazing 

I feel more like my jovial self while still being able to go through this grieving process I look forward to next month.


I really enjoyed my 2 Reiki Sessions with Susie. She really took her time with me. I will definitely be back. Thank you!


I had a Distance Reiki Session with Susan the other night. She was very punctual in her start time as well as being very concerned with the outcome. I experienced the energy for hours beyond the Session and have seen Positive results from the Session. I would expect anyone who has a Session with Susie will be in good hands.

South Carolina guy

This was my first experience with Reiki and Susie's Session was Healing and Enlightening! I learned so much from her and she explained everything she was doing and what I was experiencing. I was seeing alot of Vivid Colors, feeling tingling. This was a great experience and I will come visit Susie again.

Susan L

Susie is very gentle and caring. My 1st Session was very relaxing and noticed in the days following my aptmt, that my intuition opened up. Liking what was happening. I booked a second aptmt with Susie same experience, same gentleness and kindness and I feel great!  CPM

Thank-you!! Susie. This is my 3rd Session with Susie. She worked on whole body again and mostly on lower back. I can feel a release on certain areas and am confident the more I do the better I will be.

Vicki Petley

My experience with Susie is very invigorating. This is my second visit and I felt the energy moving in my body. I feel very clear. I also am more relaxed. I will come back.

Mary Wallace

 My experience with Susie was very relaxing, and less stress, more opened. Thank you! Susie

Had a Session w/Susie and it was my first and I felt I needed something to help me move past coming out of an NPD relationship. My mind, soul, heart, were in pain and she alleviated that. I intend to still do yoga, meditate, and talk but sometimes we need someone to clear our Energy blocks, and I felt she could do that. I felt that she did. I would definitely recommend and hope to come back.


Another beautiful Session with Susie and she always seems to know just where to go to relieve pain, congestion and edema. I even had soreness in my eye that she eased. I will keep coming back for Sessions with Susie!

Susan L.

 Susie thank you so much. You LITERALLY changed my life. I was in a place in my life where I was very depressed and at a loss for how to keep going. I came to you and after my 1st Session, I felt as if you untethered me from the negative energy that was keeping me from moving forward. I was nervous this freedom, this weight lifted from my life would end but you cleared my mind, my heart, and my soul and now I'm able to get on w/moving forward. I can never thank you enough.


My Session with Susie was great! I came in Tense and Stressed and left at Ease and Quiet was my Mind. I can't wait to have another appointment.


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Susie, when she treated my six-year-old daughter. The Session was excellent, Susie took the time to ask about my goals before we arrived for our appointment, but she also took the time to research the Medical conditions my daughter is dealing with. When we arrived, not only did my daughter walk right into her arms for a hug as though they've known each other forever, but she was do deeply relaxed that she fell asleep during the Session and looked more peaceful than I can remember seeing her. She was very relaxed peaceful and centered for days after her experience, and I can't wait to take her back and have her work with Susie again.


After being away from Arizona for nearly 2 months, I was looking forward to another Reiki Session. My latest Session with Susie was my fifth visit with her. This time I became more relaxed than the previous Sessions. Table was very comfortable and the relaxing sounds were great. One day after seeing her, my energy level is much higher than usual. I look forward to my sixth visit.


This session was very Healing. I had surgery on my colon and now it feels so much better. I feel lighter in the area. I also feel much better emotionally, Susie is a wonderful Healer.


Reiki with Susie has become an important part of me self/care and Healing ritual. I feel so light after my Sessions! My burdens are swept away. I'm so happy to have found Susie and Reiki.

Susan L.

Another Session with Susie. I have a lot more issues with my body this time. Feeling like I have gotten up from a deep sleep. Some of my pain has subsided. Will have another Session before she leaves. Susie really has helped me. Thanks so much.


Susie Thank you is always the first words that come to mind after our Sessions. I cannot impart enough how much you have helped me and changed my life. I will miss you while you are gone but wish you the best. All I can say is what I hear at the end of yoga and I think is appropriate here. The light in me sees the light in you. Namaste


I came to Susie blocked, stressed, scattered, & angry & left re-aligned, relaxed & reset. Thank you for the chance to reset & calm the "chatter"!


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